Accredited Investor CalTier Opportunities       Please read each offering circular and disclosures carefully. Thank you. The Retreat In the video, I say the closing date is May 15th, but I negotiated an extension until June 30th. So, if you want to participate in this opportunity, there is time. You can invest using a Self-Directed IRA if that is something you would like to look into. $10K minimum. Download Deck - The Retreat Reflections at Lakeshore We are in the last mile of entitlements, and I am looking forward to breaking ground on this as soon as possible. $25K minimum. Download ...

May 9th, 2024|

Q&A webinar

If you missed the live Q&A webinar, watch/listen/read below. We had some fantastic questions from the community about our various funds, general questions on 'how this works', real estate as a whole, and more. Here is some of what we talked about last time: We already had a ton of questions that a lot of people put into the registration form, so thank you so much for that. We encourage everybody to read all of our disclaimers, especially our offering circulars, regarding the offerings that we offer here on our Caltier platform. We are going to be ...

April 3rd, 2024|
  • alternative assets and examples

What Are Alternative Investments? Definition and Examples

Alternative investments have the capability to offset market volatility and inflation by diversifying your portfolio beyond traditional investment classes like stocks and bonds. While they come with risk like any investment, alternative investments aren’t tied to the performance of the stock or bond markets, so they’re especially attractive during times of increased market volatility. In this article, you'll find: The definition of alternative investments Types of alternative investments The pros and cons of alternative investments How to invest in alternative investments Tax implications What Are Alternative Investments? Alternative investments are investments outside traditional categories like stocks, bonds, and cash. ...

March 22nd, 2024|
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Portfolio Allocation – Why Alternative Investments?

According to this Fidelity research report, "Institutions have historically held higher average allocations to alternatives than advisors (23% vs. 6%).". 23% to 6%, that's a massive difference. They go on to say some of the reasons why "....given barriers to entry such as manager access, perceived costs, liquidity considerations, and high investment minimums." So why do institutions tend to invest more in Alternative Assets like real estate? Here are a few typically agreed reasons to consider: Low Correlation with Traditional Assets Alternatives often have a low correlation with standard asset classes like stocks and bonds. This means their performance doesn’t ...

February 6th, 2024|

Community Round of Funding

There have been some questions about our latest community round of funding for CalTier Inc which is currently open. Here are a few clarifications on the details: 1. Accreditation You do not need to be accredited to invest. 2. Bonus shares Bonus shares are applied at the time of investing to your account if your investment qualifies* (please see note below). 3. Where is this hosted? This offering is a 'Regulation CF' offering. It is hosted by Rialto Markets a FINRA member Broker Dealer. They host the website and investment process. You will not be able to invest using your ...

October 19th, 2023|