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Invest in real estate. Without the hassle.

We believe in making real estate investments easy for everyone – whether you are a seasoned investor or just getting started.

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Key Reasons to Invest

Access professionally managed, often institutional grade, multi-family investments which are not always available to retail investors.

Diverse Portfolio

of cash-flowing apartment complexes throughout the U.S.

Open Access

to non-accredited investors!

Low Fees*

to maximize your returns and generate consistent cash flow

Redemption Flexibility*

to provide you with both short and long term options

How It Works

Download Our App and Join the Next Generation of Real Estate Investors

CalTier is a crowdfunding platform that opens the door to professionally managed, often institutional grade real estate investments such as multi-family that are typically not available to the retail investor.

Get Ahead Of The Pack By Investing Smart

You don’t need to invest into Real Estate the old way. Technology has changed the game.

Your money should work as hard as you do. No compromises.

One Fund Across A Diversified Portfolio

Our fund invests into apartment buildings throughout the United States with strong local economics.

Our goal is to pay our investors quarterly distributions from revenues across the portfolio.

Passive Investing From Wherever You Choose

We do the heavy lifting for you including identification, acquisition and ongoing asset management.

You enjoy life on your terms and let us work for you.

What Our Investors Have to Say

It’s about time alternative investments are available to non-accredited investors. Diversification is important. I can buy lottery tickets, gamble, and buy risky stocks but not invest in a private equity fund managed by professionals? The logic never made sense. We should be able to invest our money how we want!

Ed Wikstrom

I’m invested now… my experience with the team has been excellent!


I recently spoke to the CalTier investor relations team. After learning more about the CalTier fund and its structure, I became interested to invest with the team and have already invested with them!

Anees Ayaz

I love investing with CalTier because it is easy. The dividends have come in consistently and I am very happy with the courteous customer service! Thank you very much.


Our Portfolio

2,170 Units Across the United States Invested In Either Directly or As Participating Investments With Our Real Estate Partners.



152 Unit Apartment Complex
Fort Worth, Texas


Solano Vista

352 Unit Apartment Complex
Glendale, Arizona



88 Unit Apartment Complex
Houston, Texas


The Vue

156 Unit Apartment Complex
Austin, Texas


Apple Lane

75 Unit Student Housing
Lawrence, Kansas


The Legend

Luxury Condominium
San Diego, California

****Investments are either directly made and held by CalTier’s funds or fractionally with our real estate partners.
*****Returns are at the asset level and will be different from returns in the funds

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Still not sure if you should invest? Start with the minimum $500 investment and give our platform a try. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund!

Access — To professionally managed, institutional-grade multi-family investments

Diverse Portfolio — Via direct and partner acquisitions

Qualified Fund — Our fund’s offering circular has been qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission

Returns — Through rental and sale income from a portfolio of properties.***

Make Your Money Work Hard For Your Retirement

Commercial Real Estate has been a favorite non-traditional asset class for millions of people looking to grow their retirement funds. Commercial Real Estate has shown to be resilient to much of the market fluctuations and can have significant tax advantages.

CalTier partners with Self-Directed IRA custodians to allow you to invest directly from your Self-Directed IRA account Into cash flowing commercial real estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I invest through my IRA?2023-02-01T14:55:46-08:00

Yes absolutely. Please speak with us to learn how this works, or just start the investment process and tell us you will use your IRA. It’s straightforward, and many of our investors do it this way.

What is a Partner Acquisition?2023-02-01T14:51:15-08:00

A Partner Acquisition is an investment in which the fund invests side-by-side with wellestablished Multi-Family acquisition partners. This strategy provides you with exclusive access to off-market acquisitions in select markets that are poised for economic development and growth nationally, with typically 50-200+ units in size.

How flexible is your redemption plan?2023-02-01T14:50:48-08:00

All investors are entitled to a 30-day Money-Back no-questions-asked refund should you decide this is not for you. Additionally, each investor has a 3-month introductory period during which
100% of their investment can be redeemed – subject to limitations as detailed in the offering circular. Redemptions may be requested monthly with a 60-day notice. Please refer to the offering circular to view our redemption plan in full

What is the required minimum investment amount?2023-02-01T14:52:59-08:00

This is what makes our fund so attractive – its low-cost entry point. The minimum amount to begin investing into the fund is $500. If you are not an accredited investor, you can invest more than 10% of your annual income or your net worth every year

Can I make subsequent investments?2023-02-01T14:50:24-08:00

Yes! Depending on your status, you can make multiple investments into the fund. However, each investment is considered a new transaction – with a minimum of $500 and a max of 10% of your yearly income.

Who are your typical investors?2023-02-01T14:56:16-08:00

We wouldn’t say our investors are typical! But those who invest with us are intensely interested in diversifying their investment portfolios by adding multi-family, commercial real estate assets. They may need to learn how best to start doing it and want to begin with a more secure and stress-free option, such as through a crowdsourcing platform like CalTier

What does being a CalTier Realty Fund Partner mean?2023-02-01T14:57:02-08:00

You become a passive limited partner (LP), receiving profit and capital distributions when you purchase units in the fund. We do the work for you.

What if I am an Accredited Investor?2023-02-01T14:52:46-08:00

We do not require any verification or self-accreditation to invest in our fund.

What is the CalTier Realty Fund? What am I investing in?2023-02-01T14:53:30-08:00

CalTier Realty Fund is an LP – a Limited Partnership. When you invest, you become our partner. Your investment buys you Units of ownership in the LP. Our fund will be comprised primarily of premium multi-family properties across the U.S. These acquisitions consist of properties directly owned and managed as well as properties co-invested with some of the most well-respected and experienced commercial real estate professionals.

What kind of fees do investors pay?2023-02-01T14:49:36-08:00

As an investor in our fund, your investment goes directly into purchasing and managing the properties. Our general partner is entitled to specific upfront costs and ongoing operations reimbursements, including but not limited to a fixed annual management fee of 3% based on the fund’s assets under management. No other fees are paid by you to participate.

“Everyone should have access to the best commercial real estate investments. Not just the 1%.”

CalTier CEO & Founder
Matt Belcher

Enter Your Email to Get Started

  • Diverse Portfolio

  • Open to Non-Accredited Investors

  • $500 Minimum
  • Low Fees*

  • Redemption Flexibility*

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.