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Blackstone, a towering force in the field of alternative asset management, ranks among the globe’s biggest investors in Real Estate. According to their website, they have a real estate AUM (Assets Under Management) of $585 Billion.*

That’s an eye-watering number, no doubt!

Their vast real estate holdings stretch worldwide, but what catches the eye is the substantial portion of their portfolio invested in the Multi-Family sector. This is no random choice, as there are compelling reasons behind it that make Multi-Family attractive to institutional investors.

If investing in Multi-Family properties makes sense for the world’s leading asset manager, why shouldn’t it be for you as well?

Enter CalTier, an innovative funding platform that gives you the opportunity to own your piece of a cash-flowing multi-family fund. The best part? You can start with only $500, scaling when your budget permits.

Check out some of the portfolio assets below of directly owned or participating investments:


As of August 2023, the CalTier Fund 1, LP has paid out 22 consecutive monthly distributions to our investors.* These distributions have come from the 18 assets (accounting for 2,197 apartment ‘doors’) the fund has invested in either directly or as participating investments with our real estate partners.

To start, all you have to do is click here or download our app below, create an account, and follow the prompts.



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