Welcome Alto IRA investors

Our platform is fully integrated with the Alto IRA platform, making it easy for you to invest in alternative investments, such as multi-family real estate, with your Alto IRA account.

With your funded Alto IRA account, you can invest in one of the CalTier offerings with a few clicks.

How to get started?

Since you already have an Alto IRA account, all you have to do is either create a new CalTier account or log in with your existing one. Once you are in the CalTier platform, select the offer you would like to invest in and the amount, and then choose “Alto IRA’ as the funding source.

After that, follow the prompts and finally confirm the investment on the Alto platform.

If you need additional help, please refer to our knowledge article here.

What Our Investors Have to Say

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It’s about time alternative investments are available to non-accredited investors. Diversification is important. I can buy lottery tickets, gamble, and buy risky stocks but not invest in a private equity fund managed by professionals? The logic never made sense. We should be able to invest our money how we want!

Ed Wikstrom

I’m invested now… my experience with the team has been excellent!


I recently spoke to the CalTier investor relations team. After learning more about the CalTier fund and its structure, I became interested to invest with the team and have already invested with them!

Anees Ayaz

I love investing with CalTier because it is easy. The dividends have come in consistently and I am very happy with the courteous customer service! Thank you very much.


Learn More about CalTier Fund 1

Access — To professionally managed, institutional-grade multi-family investments

Diverse Portfolio — Via direct and partner acquisitions

Qualified Fund — Our fund’s offering circular has been qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission

Returns — Through rental and sale income from a portfolio of properties.***

“Everyone should have access to the best commercial real estate investments. Not just the 1%.”

CalTier CEO & Founder
Matt Belcher

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