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We are delighted to announce that James Jones is joining CalTier as our Strategic Advisor for Wealth Management and Self Directed IRA’s.


This is fantastic news for CalTier and our current and potential investors. James brings years of business, wealth management, and financial services experience to the table and has been a pioneering leader of the Self Directed IRA market.


To say we are excited to have James helping us grow our Self Direct IRA market would be an understatement!


“Aside from James’ experience and knowledge in the Self Directed IRA market, he is just one of those people who you know you can trust, right from the get go. All the leadership team at CalTier are excited to work with James and use his knowledge and wisdom to help our investors benefit from the tax advantages of self directed IRA’s.” – Matt Belcher, CEO CalTier


More about James

Since the inception of the crowd finance industry, James has pioneered Self-Directed IRA’s, changing the industry model from a retail B2C to a B2B2C Partner Approach to scale retail investor participation and bring the democratization of Wall Street to the everyday investor. He has worked with over 200 Capital Raising Platforms and opened over 25,000 retail IRA accounts. James has collaborated extensively with some leading crowd finance experts to offer education via webinars, speaking engagements, articles, and whitepapers in the financial industry’s premier publications. He includes three bestselling Amazon e-books on Self-Directed IRA’s.

James A. Jones is a CEO, Advisor, 3X Founder, and Angel Investor whose focus is helping companies raise capital by accessing the $28 Trillion retirement industry. Creator of the “Crowd IRA,” James has partnered with Alto IRA, the industry’s first and only Digital IRA offering seamless integration to Deal Sponsors and Investment Platforms with Registered Investment Advisors and Retail Investors.

We will send out further information in the coming weeks about how you can use your Self Directed IRA to invest in commercial real estate. You can click here for more info. 

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