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We are thrilled to announce that Dara Albright has joined the CalTier Advisory Council.

This is a massive win for CalTier as Dara is a leading light in the alternative investment and Fintech space.

The team and I could not be more excited to have Dara join the CalTier team. She brings a very fresh and current outlook on the the marketplace and is a massively respected thought leader in the alternative and Fintech investment space. As a member of the advisory council I know she will give us new perspectives and opportunities to grow faster than we had planned! Ultimately this will benefit our retail investor clients and I think they will see this very quickly. – Matt Belcher, CEO

About Dara

Dara Albright is an accomplished fintech pundit and host of the DWealth Muse podcast, a weekly podcast that bridges the knowledge gap between conventional and modern finance. She is also the co-founder of DWealth Education, an EdTech platform that leverages fintech to provide incentivized learning programs for financial advisors; business executives and owners; tax, legal and real estate professionals; students; as well as modern-day investors.

Albright possesses a distinguished 30-year career in financial services encompassing IPO execution, investment banking, trading, corporate communications, financial conference production as well as institutional and retail sales. She presently advises multiple organizations on their fintech, blockchain and digital finance initiatives, and currently serves on the board of directors at Worthy Financial, a digital investment app redefining how Americans access alternative investment products and rated by investors in 2020 as one of top consumer fintechs to watch.

Her leading-edge articles and research papers that have helped shape and continue to set the direction of modern finance can be found in Digital Wealth News, Financial Advisor Magazine, BanklessTimes,, Crowdfund Insider, Crowdfund Beat, Seeking Alpha,, FINalternatives, Real Assets Adviser, CNBC and Business Insider.

You can see more about Dara here:

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