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In most investment circles, one desired goal is to have a balanced portfolio that provides income and growth (upside).

The income-to-growth ratios can depend on many things, such as your personal goals and often your stage in life.

Multi-Family can provide both income and growth. One of the reasons (one of the many!) we love fractionally investing in Multi-Family is that it allows for income (from rent payments) and growth. It gives you the best of both worlds. Not only that but as our fund grows in size, so too does the value of the units that an investor holds.

Finding those assets, arranging the debt, negotiating the deal, conducting the rehab, managing the tenants and property, and selling is a huge undertaking. So big, in fact, it’s a massive barrier for most people to do.

This is why we created the CalTier Portfolio Fund. We distribute the monies in the fund across a portfolio of professionally managed Multi-Family assets on your behalf (most often, these assets are not even available to nonaccredited investors) and then pay back the income and growth from the portfolio to investors.

You do not need to be an accredited investor to invest in the fund and can start with just $500. You can add to this as you go and also invest from your Self Directed IRA to benefit from the tax advantages that it provides.

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