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I am incredibly proud of our achievements with CalTier in the last 24 months.
It feels like only yesterday that Parker, Travis, and I sat in a small San Diego office one evening planning how the company will be formed, what products we will invest in, and figuring out all the additional million details. Little did we know what this would grow into!
I can, hand on heart, tell you that of all the businesses I have been involved in over twenty years, this one has taken the most effort, but it is the most rewarding by a long way and, in my opinion, has the most potential.
It’s incredible to build something that provides a tangible, beneficial service to people that can potentially help them financially. To potentially change their lives for the better.
Here are some key highlights and achievements:
  1. As of the time of writing, our first Reg A real estate fund, CalTier Fund 1, LP has paid out 24 (twenty-four) consecutive monthly distributions to investors.
  2. The fund’s direct and fractional investments total 18 assets across multiple states, accounting for more than 2197 apartment ‘doors’.
  3. We have more than 31,000 users registered on our platform. This grows daily.
  4. We have a wholly-owned SEC Registered Investment Advisor business.
  5. Our support team is stellar. We get incredible feedback from investors about how quickly and well our support team handles their questions.
I am very keen on ensuring we have one of the best customer service teams in the industry. It can be a massive difference maker, and any large brand you can think of that is a leader in their field has excellent customer service. Everyone on the team is working hard to improve every aspect of our customer service and experience.
Right now, we are seeing a lot of consolidation in the markets CalTier straddles:
  1. Real Estate
  2. Online Investing
  3. Crowdfunding
I’ve seen this before in new markets, here and in Europe. Consolidation often happens when the market has had its initial early-stage growth and is now moving into a more mature growth phase. It’s usually where the potential opportunity is for companies that can go with this wave, can stay the course, and become a leader.
Nothing is guaranteed in this world, and certainly not in this industry! But I am confident about our position in the market and the services we are providing.
As you know, our latest community round of funding is live. We open our rounds of funding so that you can participate. It’s what CalTier is all about.
I invite you to join us and others as we grow this company together. To learn more, please visit the offering page hosted by FINRA Member Broker-Dealer, Rialto Markets.

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