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A high-performing team needs high-performing team members, and that’s precisely what we have at CalTier.

Our Real Estate partners are some of the most nationally recognized companies in the industry and provide us with many opportunities the fund invests into. It’s one of the elements that sets us apart in the fractional real estate investment market.


Our business plan is to spread investments across our directly owned deals AND partner deals. This allows our investors to benefit from investments they might not otherwise be able to participate in.


We take a lot of time and attention to our due diligence on these partners so that we have done as much as we can to make sure they are a good fit for CalTier. It is much more than just the assets they invest in. Background, past performance, historical returns, leadership, and many more items make up the complete picture when we choose who to work with.

So let’s meet some of these partners and learn more about what makes them unique.

Sundance Bay

Sundance Bay was founded in 2012 with an investment in two small multifamily assets. Since then, Sundance Bay has expanded its multifamily portfolio to acquire over 6,800 units across the US and launched Debt Strategies and Net Lease Investment verticals.

We provide asset class and geographic diversification for our investors while maintaining discipline and focus with our team of dedicated investment professionals. Our management team has over 130 years and $4B combined acquisition and development experience, including publicly traded REIT experience. Partners have personally invested over $12M in Sundance Bay projects and invested personally in each venture (from personal bank accounts, not project fees).

American Equity


American Equity is a real estate investment and management company formed in 1988. The initial focus was to make the most of the real estate recovery in the Dallas/Fort Worth market from the savings and loan era. American Equity has successfully acquired, managed, and improved over 2,000 apartment units, office buildings, and pre-development land for the past 30 years. A clear add-value strategy, developed from a vision of what a property can become, and a steadfast determination to “invest contrary to the herd” have distinguished American Equity throughout three decades of success in the real estate private equity business.

American Equity realizes its mission by delivering:

  • Exceptional Customer Service to Residents

  • Outstanding Financial Returns to Investing Partners

  • Career Growth Opportunities to Operating Partners (Employees)

The American Equity team is proud of its track record of providing quality homes and work environments to discerning customers and delivering consistent quarterly distributions and profits to investing partners since 1988.

RedStone Residential

Managing more than 30,000 student housing beds, Redstone is one of the largest student housing operators in the country. Over the years, our team has distinguished themselves by successfully executing difficult lease-ups, complex value-add strategies, and unique asset repositionings. We operate boutique developments, resort-style projects, and everything in between. You name the project; we’ll get it done.

With cutting-edge analytics, innovative marketing, and a devoted staff of 400+ members, Redstone consistently operates at the apex of real estate management. Drawing from our roots in student housing and our experience with digitally native residents, we create value for our residents, clients, and team members.

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