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Finding Consistent Cash-Flow in Today’s Market

In the current real estate landscape, where market fluctuations can be unpredictable, discovering assets that offer both consistent cash-flow and robust rent growth can be a challenging endeavor. At CalTier, we understand these challenges all too well, which is why we’ve adopted a meticulous approach to property selection. By collaborating with seasoned real estate partners and conducting a comprehensive review process, we aim to identify properties that can weather the market’s ups and downs.

The Role of Experienced Real Estate Partners

Our success in identifying promising investment opportunities is greatly attributed to our partnerships with experienced real estate professionals. These partnerships enable us to tap into valuable insights and expertise that are instrumental in making informed investment decisions. One such partnership that exemplifies our commitment to excellence is our association with Redstone Residential.

Redstone Residential: Access to one of the largest Student Housing operators in the country

Redstone Residential, one of our esteemed partners, has provided CalTier and our investors with access to a unique segment of the real estate market—legacy-type student housing projects. These projects provide great potential for consistent cash-flow and rent growth, and we are excited to share why we believe that is the case through 3 notable examples of our investments with Redstone Residential and how they are performing in today’s dynamic market.

Three keys to their performance that we wanted to specifically highlight here are:

(1) High Occupancy Rates

(2) Attractive Year-Over-Year Rent Growth

(3) Low Fixed-Rate Interest Rate Financing


Lodges at Glenwood


Glenwood, a 194-unit/1156-bed student housing property situated in Provo, Utah, adjacent to Brigham Young University, boasts a remarkable track record. Notably, Glenwood is currently operating at full 100% occupancy, with an incredibly impressive year-over-year rental rate growth increase of 12%. What’s more, Glenwood is supported by a stable 2.5% fixed-rate debt structure that extends through April 2026.

Additional Insights:

  • Glenwood is in its third year of a ten-year hold plan

  • The property, constructed in 1978, underwent renovations in 2022.

  • Q3 operating income reached $1,873,629, with a net operating income (NOI) of $1,250,010.

  • Glenwood recently completed several capital expenditures, including flooring replacement, furniture procurement, and hallway lighting upgrades.

Learn more about Glenwood here.


Raintree Commons

Raintree Commons, cash flow producing assets

Another jewel in our portfolio, Raintree, is a 154-unit/924 bed student housing property also located in Provo, Utah, adjacent to Brigham Young University. Like Glenwood, Raintree is currently operating at full 100% occupancy and has exceeded pro-forma projections with a rental rate that is 7.8% higher than the original proforma projections. It benefits from a fixed-rate debt of 2.6% valid until June 2026.

Additonal inisights:

  • Raintree is in its third year of a ten-year hold plan.

  • Similar to Glenwood, it underwent renovations in 2022, though it was originally constructed in 1978.

  • Q3 operating income for Raintree was $1,481,532, with an NOI of $975,995.

  • Capital expenditures in Q3 included the installation of Amazon package lockers.

Learn more about Raintree Commons here.


Apple Lane Appartments


Apple Lane, a 76-unit student housing property near the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, is the third investment we’d like to highlight. Like our other properties, it boasts full 100% occupancy and a noteworthy year-over-year rental rate increase of 5.8%. Apple Lane is financed by a fixed 3.5% debt rate that remains in place until June 2026.

Additional Insights:

  • Apple Lane follows a seven-year hold plan and was renovated in 2022, having been originally constructed in 1984.

  • Q3 operating income reached $187,132, with an NOI of $94,108.

  • Capital expenditures in Q3 encompassed repairs to the parking lot, HVAC unit replacement, foundation repairs, and the replacement of exterior signage.

Learn more about Apple Lane, here.

These investments demonstrate our commitment to not only identifying lucrative opportunities but also to managing and nurturing them for long-term growth. We invite you to explore more about these assets on our website, where you can find detailed information and updates on each property.

We are excited about the future and remain dedicated to delivering valuable investment opportunities to our valued partners. Thank you for your trust and continued support as we navigate the dynamic world of real estate investments together.

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