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We recognize the common hurdles for many in real estate investment, such as the significant time commitment, substantial initial capital often needed, and finding accessible opportunities.

These challenges often discourage many from participating in real estate investing. To combat these issues, CalTier offers a set of solutions aimed at making real estate investment more attainable:

  • Low Entry Point: Investors can start with as little as $500 and subsequently invest additional amounts starting from $50.

  • Diversified Portfolio: CalTier’s current fund comprises a variety of cash-flowing real estate assets, providing investors with immediate diversification.

  • Flexibility: While there’s no formal lock-in period, investors should review the redemption policy here to understand the terms for liquidating their positions.

  • Automation: The platform provides an option for automatic investing, allowing users to invest on a monthly basis without manual intervention.

  • Profitability: Investors have the choice to receive monthly payments directly to their bank account or to reinvest their earnings to compound their gains.

These features are designed to lower the barriers to entry and offer both new and seasoned investors a user-friendly platform to grow their real estate portfolios.

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