• Charles Schwab Alternatives

Charles Schwab and Alternatives

We have recently sent out several media pieces that talk about 'alternatives' in the market. Some included names such as SoFi and Morgan Stanley, which are adding alternative investments to their platforms. Charles Schwab just announced that it is making iCapital its exclusive partner to offer alternative investments to its client base. So, what's the big deal with alternative investments? Firstly, if you are not sure what an 'alternative investment' is, have a look at this article. Generally speaking, alternative investments such as commodities, collectibles, and real estate are considered options for balancing an investment portfolio outside your typical ...

May 31st, 2024|
  • Lakewood Houston Texas

Lakewood – Real Estate Update

Below is another solid update for the Lakewood apartments in Houston, Texas, which is part of the CalTier Fund 1 portfolio of participating investments. At the end of last quarter, Lakewood was 90.9% occupied and 91.6% pre-leased. While these numbers are very good, the property had several unexpected and abrupt move-outs in Q4 last year. This, paired with the slower leasing of the season, resulted in lower occupancy numbers than would be ideal. However, in response, the team has increased its focus on occupancy and is now seeing positive trends in leasing traffic. The property’s increase in income contributed to ...

April 23rd, 2024|
  • Class A, B and C properties explained

Class A, Class B and Class C Property Explained

Our investors often ask about the difference between Class A, Class B, and Class C properties. While there are some boundaries between these three real estate classifications, there are no official guidelines. We’ll go into the details below, but in a very simple sense: Class A properties are investment-grade, high-quality properties that are extremely desirable and attract high-income renters. Class B properties are one step down from Class A, generally older, and typically need more work and upgrades, but they have more  potential to add value. Class C properties need significant renovations and improvements and typically offer the greatest upside ...

April 15th, 2024|
  • real estate easy, online investment, non-accredited.

Tools to make real estate investing easy

We recognize the common hurdles for many in real estate investment, such as the significant time commitment, substantial initial capital often needed, and finding accessible opportunities. These challenges often discourage many from participating in real estate investing. To combat these issues, CalTier offers a set of solutions aimed at making real estate investment more attainable: Low Entry Point: Investors can start with as little as $500 and subsequently invest additional amounts starting from $50. Diversified Portfolio: CalTier’s current fund comprises a variety of cash-flowing real estate assets, providing investors with immediate diversification. Flexibility: While ...

April 10th, 2024|

APEX – Real Estate Update

Below is a great update for the APEX apartments in Fort Worth, Texas, which is part of the CalTier Fund 1 portfolio of participating assets. Occupancy has remained near 95% since late 2023, and the property management team is working diligently to improve collections. To date, renovations have been completed on 122 of the 152 units (more than 80%). The remaining 30 units are anticipated to be completed by the end of May. The new playground was completed and installed in March. The exterior renovations have also been completed. These included sealing and painting all wood trim to protect it from the elements, ...

April 8th, 2024|

Q&A webinar

If you missed the live Q&A webinar, watch/listen/read below. We had some fantastic questions from the community about our various funds, general questions on 'how this works', real estate as a whole, and more. Here is some of what we talked about last time: We already had a ton of questions that a lot of people put into the registration form, so thank you so much for that. We encourage everybody to read all of our disclaimers, especially our offering circulars, regarding the offerings that we offer here on our Caltier platform. We are going to be ...

April 3rd, 2024|