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A successful asset inspection: Cortland

I recently returned from visiting the Cortland Portfolio asset in Washington DC with my team. This is always one of my favorite parts of the process because you get to experience the full breadth of what the asset has to offer. View the video below: https://vimeo.com/915315851/90cef5971f?share=copy There are two questions I like the team to ask during this process. "Would I live here?" If we get the chance to talk with the tenants; "What do you like about living here?" I am happy to say that we all answered "yes" to question 1 and after talking with the ...

February 23rd, 2024|
  • The future of Multifamily Investing

The Future of Multifamily Apartment Investing: Insights and Opportunities – NMHC Insights

While no one has the ability to predict the future, there are ways to gain reasonable insights based on history and trends that affect the market you are analyzing. The National Apartment Association and National Multifamily Housing Council's (NMHC) insights report (view the report here) is an invaluable guide and resource, as we believe the multifamily apartment market is about to undergo significant changes.  These observations not only point out new trends but also provide guidance for investors who are eager to take advantage of potential opportunities in the future. In a landscape where demographics are changing and economic factors ...

January 24th, 2024|