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Charles Schwab and Alternatives

We have recently sent out several media pieces that talk about 'alternatives' in the market. Some included names such as SoFi and Morgan Stanley, which are adding alternative investments to their platforms. Charles Schwab just announced that it is making iCapital its exclusive partner to offer alternative investments to its client base. So, what's the big deal with alternative investments? Firstly, if you are not sure what an 'alternative investment' is, have a look at this article. Generally speaking, alternative investments such as commodities, collectibles, and real estate are considered options for balancing an investment portfolio outside your typical ...

May 31st, 2024|

How Wealth Management Trends Are Shifting

The latest study from Campden Wealth and RBC, as discussed in this CNBC article, reveals an intriguing trend: family offices are increasingly reallocating their investments from traditional stocks to private markets. The article states: "Their stock allocation has come down from 31% the year before, while their private investments increased from 27%. The remaining assets were invested in cash, bonds, alternatives, hedge funds, commodities, real estate, and other investments." This change is noteworthy because, for the first time, investments in private markets have exceeded those in public stocks among these entities. The article, "Family Offices Move Money Out of Stocks ...

December 20th, 2023|