Why is CalTier different from other crowdfunding platforms?

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Why is CalTier different from other crowdfunding platforms?

There are several crowdfunding platforms on the market, and they all do similar things. Some of our peers have done a wonderful job of educating the market on how crowdfunding can be a fantastic way for people to invest in large commercial real estate with small amounts. 

 Many of our investors are also invested in other platforms, and that’s great. 

It’s tough to compare apples to apples because there are so many features and ways we all do things.  

However, here are some of the features many of our existing investors enjoy:  

  • Our portfolio is a mix of wholly owned and participating investments with experienced partners. This provides true diversification across a diverse real estate portfolio. You can check out our portfolio here.
  • CalTier is mainly focused on cash-flowing multi-family because we strongly believe in that asset class. You can read more about this here
  • Our offering circular is filed with the SEC, and you can review the document here
  • We have a 90-day money-back guarantee, subject to limitations as detailed in the offering circular on page 54. 
  • One of the key features our investors enjoy the most is that we do not have a lock-in period. There is no minimum amount of time you need to keep your investment. We have a redemption plan, which you can see on page 54 of our offering circular. 
  • When you start your investment, you purchase shares in the fund. As the fund grows, so does the value of those shares. The price per share is $5 right now, and the minimum share purchase is 100 for an initial minimum investment of $500. 
  • Dalmore Group is our registered FINRA broker-dealer. With years of successful experience, our real estate partners are our most valuable asset. Thus, it is not just us but also those with whom we collaborate.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach us at support@caltier.fund; we are here to help! 

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