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Asset Overview

  • 156 Unit Apartment Complex
  • Austin, Texas
  • Value Add
  • Core Plus

Asset Details

The CalTier Fund invested in The Vue in September 2021 and the property sold just 13 months later in October 2022, our second property to complete a full lifecycle.

Upon acquisition, our real estate partner, Lionel Partners, immediately began adding washer and dryer sets to the Classic Units, helping to increase rents by $240/month for those units – a 22.5% increase!

Within the 13 months, all capital expenditures were completed, including upgrading the individual units, updating the exterior paint, re-striping the parking lot, replacing the roofs, renovating the gym, enhancing the dog park, resurfacing the pool, and improving the BBQ grills. Because of these improvements, in-place rents were increased by 35.9%. This helped The Vue realize an increase in value of $47,500 per unit.

In 13 months, CalTier Fund 1 was able to see a 120.72% return on its initial investment.

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